Moving on, letting go.

So I’ve been absent for a while.

Don’t know if any of my followers really remember me. 

But I’m still here.

A lot has happened.

When you say it can’t get any worse, it does.

But it’ll get better, right?

Theres this girl I know.

We used to be best friends, a long time ago, freshman year, but then she changed and we drifted. She’s a completely different person yet somehow she’s still the same. She’s absolutely gorgeous, tiny blonde tan blue eyed, and could basically get any guy she wanted. She smiles. She smiles so much. To everyone, and her smiles are so real. No matter who she meets she is friendly to them. Yes she gossips, and she can be a bitch, but at the same time she is so nice. She inspires me. Because her smile is so real and kindness is genuine. She treats everyone like they are her friend. Every time I’m with her it’s like we never drifted. She never treats me differently. She never treats anyone differently.

I don’t know, I just never really thought about it.

But she truly is an inspiration.

ni-1coco92012 asked: Thank you, like really thank you knowing that i can at least vent or talk to someone who feels the same is nice to know that im not the only one out there who has these thank you :)
i think im going to take your advice and make another tumblr i never really thought about doing it, and hey the same goes for you if you ever want to talk or vent or what ever drop me an ask :)
p.s im not creepin or just saying this but i actually really like what you post :)

Awww thanks so much :) It means a lot that you caree. And yes it’s always great knowing you’re not alonee.

and thank youu, same to you!

ni-1coco92012 asked: Hi there, i stumbled across your post "I’m really not happy. I’m tired of pretending that I am" and i feel exactly the same and just out of curiosity i did this "depression symptoms" thing and well......ive just realised that im in denial and because people i know follow me on tumblr i feel like i can't even be myself on here, in case they think im being whiny or whatever but im not, im not happy and pretending i am is mentally and physically draining and my friends and family are suffering because of it, sorry about rambling but i feel like i can talk to you and ask you things because i have the same feelings...and i don't have anyone i can talk to about this kind of stuff and i feel like you wouldn't judge. and my tumblr sure as hell doesn't show how i feel on the inside but instead portrays this image of what i want people to see.
haha sorry i didn't intend on this being so long :S

Ahh yess I completely know what you’re saying :) Please by all means talk to me whenever you need. You should make another tumblr. Just start over without having to worry about trying to please people. Just ignore the followers and everything and just use it as a release. It’s really nice to have. That’s what I did.

Smile, It hides everything.
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